Municipal Water Treatment - Complete Solution

Eliminate Odor

Within 8 days our nano encapsulated live bacteria and enzymes will safely reduce 95% of all odors. In 19 days, 100% of the odors will be eliminated.

Reduce Surface Solids

Within 8 days, you will see a 60% reduction of your surface solids. In 19 days, there will be a 90% reduction in surface solids.


Our liquid concentrate has more than five (5) billion CFU (colony forming units) per ml. There are thirty (30) different strains of non-pathogenic bacteria, enzymes, aerobic, anaerobic, and faculative bacteria assembled to augment and fortify natural bacterial processes. Once activated, the bacteria will devour problematic bacteria within hours.

Reduce Other Problems

Our complete solution reduces biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.), Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D.), Total Suspended Solids (T.S.S.), sludge volume, H2S Formation, Biogas Byproducts, Ammonia, Nitrogen, and FOG.


The 100% live nano bacteria and enzymes are non-toxic, non-pathogenic, natural USDA organic, and chemical free.

Ease To Use

Our products come in heavily concentrated liquid form. The products can be added directly to man holes upstream.

Most customers see 100% of odors eliminated in 19 days

With 90% reduction of surface solids.


Different Bacteria Strains


Odor Elimination


Years of Experience

How To Start a Test

Free Consultation

Call us at (800) 506-1301 to schedule an appointment. Our experts will explain the technology to you and your team.
Free Water Analysis

When you send us a 32 ounce water sample, we will create a custom solution for odor elimination along with twelve other custom variables.
Free Test Samples

Once your custom solution is finished (7 to 10 days), we will ship you your free custom products to use as directed.