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Master global distributor of the world's most powerful eco-friendly nano-technology products available. We believe that no one should be sold products that do not work.


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Waste Water
Oil Cleanup

Increase your crop yield by 12% to 18%. Create better soil, boost your herbicide 50x to kill resistant weeds, and lower your fertilizer costs.

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Eliminate odor. Reduce BOD, COD, TSS, sludge, H2S, Ammonia, and FOG. Thirty (30) different strains of non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes. Lower your costs.

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Clean fracking solutions. Our nano bacteria digest the harmful organic mater safely and effectively, providing a cost effective solution.

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Latest Projects

Missouri - Large Pond
After 7 Days of Treatment.
Minnesota Soybeans
15% increase in yield with cost reduction.
Nebraska Corn
16% increase in yield with cost reduction.
Nebraska - Farm Lagoon
After 30 Days of Remediation.


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All solutions are USDA organic, non-toxic, and enviromentally friendly.

Live Micro Organisms - 100%
Nano encapsulated bacteria. Water soluble and highly bio-available.
Odor Elimination - 100%
For Municipal Water Treatment Plants, elimination of 100% of odors in 19 days.
Faster Weed Kill - 90%
Enhances herbicide kill for resistent weeds by 50x and 90% faster.

Most customers see at least a 30% reduction in their costs.

In subsequent years, customers see an improvement of at least 40% reduction.


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We have been more than satisfied with your professional quality. The odors have been diminished and eliminated, inside and outside our confinement. The flies are extremely reduced. There are no rats or mice now in our confinement, with no crust in my pits these rodents do not have a home and had to move. The TSS and heavy sludge, at the bottom of the pit, have been liquified.
Eastern Iowa
We would recommend your grease trap products and services to anyone with septic system problems. We have used other bio-remediation products in the past, but none seem to have been as effective as yours. Within 60 days of the initial treatment, our grease traps have become liquified and free flowing. We have not had to pump the grease traps in more than 6 months, and cleaning time has been substantially reduced.
Inn and Spa
Sandwich, Massachusetts
We are pleased with the results from your product. We have been using it in our treatment system that handles greese traps and septic tank pumpage since 1997 at Omussee Creek WWTP. The product has virtually eliminated the strong odor produced in this system and has greatly improved settling, which means we don't have to pull a drying bed as often. We have also noticed a reduction in floating grease accumulations.
Bar & Restaurant
Dothan, Alabama

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